When Do You Need Armed Guard Services in Los Angeles?

It can be frightening to take the leap and hire Armed Guard Services in Los Angeles, but it may be crucial, depending on your business. So, how do you know when you need to make the upgrade to highly-trained security professionals? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

What Are Armed Guard Services?

Armed security guards are highly trained professionals that carry a firearm. The individuals go through strict training protocols to safely handle a firearm and incidents that can arise. Many of the armed security professionals at HillQuest Security have previous experience in the military and police force. 

Armed security professionals have hands-on training to handle high-risk situations while remaining calm. The guards have the capability to deter threats before they happen and neutralize incidents swiftly and effectively. 

Which Locations Require Armed Security?

Armed security guards can benefit nearly any business or property. That said, some businesses that are more likely to hire armed guards include the following:

  • Banks or financial institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Government buildings and locations 
  • Art museums
  • Jewelry retailers
  • Courthouses 
  • Concerts

When Do You Need Armed Security?

There are a few different situations that necessitate armed protection. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the instances where armed guards can benefit your business. 

Your Business Has Expensive Assets

Businesses with expensive assets or locations that handle money, like banks, should consider armed security. Jewelry stores, luxury retailers, and similar environments can benefit from higher protection. These establishments, alongside financial institutions, can attract more criminal activity due to the high price tag of the merchandise. 

The Location Has High Crime Rates 

You may want to consider armed security services if your location has an elevated crime rate. Violent crimes, vandalism, and theft are common issues in several neighborhoods. These incidents can vary year by year and may have increased to an intolerable level. 

In these instances, armed guards can help deter and prevent criminal activity. Guards can help protect your property, assets, employees, and customers from harm. 

Slow Emergency Response Times

Alongside high crime rates, if your neighborhood has slow emergency response times, you may want to invest in the armed forces. Many cities and regions have emergency response services that are underfunded. Without enough resources, the police and EMS can’t act as fast as they once did.

Fortunately, HillQuest Security Guards are trained to handle emergency situations, whether it calls for first aid or neutralizes a threat. In situations where you can’t wait, armed guards act as a first line of defense to keep you and your employees safe. 

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