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When to Employ an Armed Patrol in Miami

Security guards are used in many situations. They protect products, staff, and customers if you run a store or business. They are a good solution for crowd control at events like concerts and sporting competitions. However, there are some times when an armed patrol in Miami is a better idea. When you want to protect your business, your employees, your assets, and possibly your family and friends, armed guards may be the choice that makes the most sense.

Not all security guards are armed. The simple difference between unarmed and armed guards is that the latter carry a loaded weapon. But how do you know that you need armed guards instead of traditional security guards?

Hillquest Security Services employs high-quality and dedicated weapon-certified armed guards that will patrol your location and ensure the safety of everyone on site. We are also here to answer questions and give you advice based on your needs. Here are some times when hiring an armed patrol in Miami is the best option.

You Operate in High Crime Areas

If your business or event is located in a part of town that sees higher than average crime rates, armed guards will give you peace of mind on top of the safety benefits they provide. When you operate in a higher crime area, your risk of being a victim is higher. There is a high risk of burglary, but you should also be cautious of violent crimes that could take place against you or your customers and employees. Armed guards are an effective deterrent for keeping would-be criminals from committing crimes on your property.

armed patrol Miami

If Your Employees Worry About Safety

Even with regular security guards, your workers might feel that they are at risk of a crime when they come to work. If your employees can’t concentrate on their job duties because they’re worried about their safety, you have a problem.

That problem can be solved by hiring an armed guard patrol to provide an effective and safe working environment. This is especially true if your employees have ever been the victim of a crime in the area and if you have experienced any security issues in the past.

You Want to Keep Up with Other Businesses

Are there businesses in your area that operate similarly to you? If so, discuss their use of armed guards. If these businesses use them, it will likely be worth it for you to do so as well. If other companies feel that an armed patrol is vital for protecting their employees and assets, you should consider that it is also important for you.

Without armed patrols, your business is more likely to be the target of a crime because criminals are aware of which places use armed guards and which ones don’t. Armed guards can be as much of a deterrent as being ready to respond when required.

The Type of Products and Data You Have on Site

What you store on-site plays a big role in whether you need an armed patrol or not. Protecting sensitive data is especially important and armed guards can deter hackers and thieves from trying to access that data.

data breach can take down your entire business so using whatever protection necessary keeps everything safe. Likewise, if you keep pricey products on-site, armed guards help keep thieves from trying to steal those items. The presence of the guards is often enough to prevent criminals from targeting you.

When You’re Ready to Hire an Armed Patrol in Miami

If you feel like your business would benefit from having an armed patrol, finding your guards is the first step. The right armed guards will protect your assets and the people on your property acting professionally and completely within the law.

Keeping your employees and business prospects safe is as easy as calling Hillquest Security Services. We can provide armed guards for your business needs in many areas. You’ll never be sorry when you make high-level security a priority. Contact us today to request a free consultation.