Security Service in Orange County

When Will You Need Security Guards in Orange County, CA?

The need for security guards in Orange County, CA may arise at some point. It happens if your business requires an extra level of security. The security guards from Hillquest Security are professionally trained so they can be a lifesaver to any situation. 


Hire Security Guards in Orange County, CA if Living in a High Crime Area 

Orange County is a peaceful place, in general. However, there are areas in OC that crime rates are high. If you have a business in these areas, then make sure that you hire our trained security guards. 


Our security guards can prevent burglaries. You may place 24/7 CCTV. But it’s not enough to deter crimes. 


You need guards to prevent thieves from breaking into your facility. Your CCTV can’t do that. All it does is that it monitors who’s breaking and entering your premises. 


When you have security guards who will monitor your CCTV, they can stop crimes from happening. 


Discourage Thieves 

Thieves, nowadays, are smart. However, they are still scared of security guards because they know that with those guards, it’s likely that they get caught. 


Most burglars know how to evade cameras. But they’re quite afraid of guards when they see them. In other words, these guards will encourage these criminals from staying away from your business or facility. 

security guards in Orange County

Extra Protection 

Even if you have installed 24/7 surveillance cameras, they’re not enough. It’s especially true if you’re living in high-crime areas. You can surely benefit from a monitored security system and security guards. 


Police may respond to calls from an alarm service. However, they don’t respond right away because most calls are false alarms. But when you have security guards on-site, they can provide an extra layer of protection for your facility. 


They can respond right away and verify to the law enforcement that the alarm is real. 


If you’re worried about crimes in your area, then hiring security guards is a good option. They’re not only there to prevent thieves from breaking and entering your facility but they can also prevent any terrorist attacks. 


High-Profile Person 

Security guards aren’t only hired to guard a facility but they are also used to be the bodyguard of a high-profile person. 


If you’re a wealthy person or a celebrity, you will need a personal bodyguard. There are overzealous people who want to hurt you physically. 


Do You Receive Threats? 

If you have received threatening calls from someone, it makes sense to hire a security guard who can also be your bodyguard. For instance, if you filed a restraining order from your ex but your ex disregards it, our security guards can protect you against that person. 


Furthermore, you can hire our security guards if you are a witness in a court case and you think that you’re unsafe. If this is your situation, you will need our security guards 24/7 to protect you so you can sleep well at night. 


Don’t worry about your safety anymore. Hire our security guards in Orange County, CA today. For more information, call us at (888) 925-8040