Commercial Alarm Systems Riverside

Which Commercial Alarm System is Best for Your Business?

You have made the right decision to install a security system in your business. But it can be confusing, too, because of the companies that offer commercial alarm systems in Riverside. And all of them claim to have the best security solutions for your business. So, how will you know that you are getting the right deal? 

Choosing the Right Commercial Alarm Systems in Riverside

There’s no way you can leave your valuable assets unprotected. Thus, it is pertinent to have security systems as your first line of defense. When you talk to a reputable security company, it will recommend scheduling a site survey. It is necessary because your security needs are different from other businesses. 


One of the first things to consider when looking for a security company to install the alarm system is its license. It has to be licensed to work in Riverside, California. You should inquire about how the alarm system will be connected. It must not be connected to your main phone line. The reason for this is that the first thing that thieves will do is to cut it. 

Monitor Entrances and Exits

Thieves will use various entry and exit points in your business. That’s why an alarm system should have the capacity to monitor entrances and exits, including windows. Other places where burglars can enter must also be monitored. 

Transmit Information to a Smartphone 

In addition to the monitoring station, many alarm systems now can transmit information to your smartphone. This is sometimes useful. For instance, if the alarm goes off, a video will be transmitted to your phone. You can determine whether or not the person who triggered the alarm is really a thief or just your employee who accidentally tripped the alarm. 

Access Codes 

The alarm system must also have separate codes for every employee. The system must be able to assign passcodes and update them if you have new hires. And if you let go of one of your employees, his/her access code can’t be used anymore. 

Total Cost 

A commercial alarm system is a huge investment for many small business owners. But it is a necessary one. When inquiring a security company about the alarm system it offers, make sure to request a quote to know how much it will cost to install its system. The quote must include the fees related to monitoring and changing passwords. 

You should spend some time understanding the overall cost of the alarm system. Ask the security company as many questions as you want so that you can uncover any hidden fee that the company may charge you. 

Commercial Alarm Systems Riverside

The Ability to Trigger the Alarm 

A commercial alarm system can be triggered at any time. But how are you going to handle it? Can you use your phone to stop it? Make sure that you ask these questions to the security company you wish to hire to install the commercial alarm systems in Riverside. To know more about it, please contact us here: 1 (888) 925-8040.