Unarmed Security Guard Services

Why you need HillQuest Security Unarmed Security Guard Services

 HillQuest Security Unarmed Security Guard Services

Protecting your property and assets is vital for your business. To provide maximum protection against theft and criminal activities, it’s ideal that you use HillQuest Security unarmed security guard services. But why must you opt for unarmed, instead of armed security guards?It’s true that armed security guards can easily deter crime. But you can’t deny the benefits of having unarmed security guards by your side.However, you may ask about these guards’ licenses and training. Unlike other security companies, our unarmed security guards are licensed. They’re also trained to carry heavy firearms. Despite that, choosing this option is more affordable. Our clients with small business usually prefer it.


Better Option

Unarmed security guards are vital and a better option if your business operatives in a low-risk environment. But their expertise can prevent not just theft but also vandalism. If a threat arises, our armed guards will be there to assist you. Even though they’re not armed guards, they can still offer protection that you need through their martial arts’ expertise. They are skilled enough to quickly solve a conflict, thereby, keeping you and your business safe. Having a sense of safety can be provided when you hire armed security guards. But sometimes, armed guards will have opposite effects. Some of your clients think that your business is in danger when they see guards carrying visible firearms. That is, they feel threatened. Thus, it might affect your company’s image. That said if you wish to create a relaxed environment while promoting a sense of security, obtaining our unarmed security guard services is your better option.


Lower Risk

Another great thing about having unarmed security guards is their lower risk. For example, if someone gets hurt because one of your armed security guards, you’ll be liable as a business owner. With unarmed personnel, on the other hand, you can have the protection that you need without promoting violence. Choosing between armed and unarmed security guards can be a struggle to some. When it comes to your business, you’ll need to make a choice between making your clients feel safe and prevent violent conflict. In some cases, you may need armed officials by your side. Other cases, however, you may wish to opt for unarmed guards. If you hire our unarmed security guards, you can be sure that we’ll deal with conflict safely without having to resort on firearms.Call us today to help you decide what type of security guard service you may need: 1.800.893.9646