Retail security is at the heart of HillQuest Security. Our company is dedicated to not only reducing your shrinkage but providing superstar safety to your company. Offering five-star professionalism, our company is determined to put a stop to shoplifting as well as vandalism.

Our partnership with retailers begins by assessing your individual needs and expectations. We work in hand-in-hand with your asset protection associates; to assist in determining how losses are occurring, as well as suggesting steps to minimize your overall exposure to loss.

Our investigative team helps to prevent loss from within the company by remote monitoring of suspected employees and reporting it to management. When approved by management, our officers are also allowed to detain shoplifters.

Retail Security Los Angeles You Can TRUST!

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HillQuest Security management team works around the clock, inventing better ways to communicate with local law enforcement to reduce shoplifting in your community and make your business safer. Our partnership and training with BSIS has enabled us to stay on top of the all the criminal activities in your neighborhood.


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